I bought something and have a problem. Who can I contact?

- info@merchconnectioninc.com


How does this VIP thing work?

- VIP activities will take place before the show, generally 1 to 2 hours before doors. Your exact VIP check in time will be emailed to you about one week before the event. You will need to have your order number (it's in your order confirmation email), and a photo ID to confirm your purchase before entry. 


I bought multiple VIP bundles for me and some friends under my name. How does that work?

- You'll just need your order number and photo ID for the person that has their name on the order. You and your friends will be able to enter together once we get you checked in.


When do I get the merch items that are part of the VIP bundle?

- They will be given to you at the VIP activities on the day of the show. Please note that we do not ship any items.


Can I change the name on my order?

- Yes. Go ahead and email us at info@merchconnectioninc.com with your order number, and the new name that should be on your order.


I changed my mind and would like a refund. What do I do?

- Please email us at info@merchconnectioninc.com with your order number, and refund request. We will process your refund for you as long as we are notified of your request at least 4 days before the event. Please note that we can not process refunds for events that are taking place within 3 days or less from the time of your request.


I ended up getting off work late, or hit traffic, and I missed the VIP activities. Do I get my money back?

- Sorry. We can not process refunds in such situations. In most cases, you will still be able to get any VIP merch items from the band's merch table on the day of the show, but we can not refund you on account of being late.